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Five Things Keeping You Away From Your Dreams

A few years ago, my weekly schedule consisted of The Walking Dead, Survivor, American Idol, The Voice, Arrow, The Following, and a few other TV shows. When Monday hit the calendar, I would immediately think, "Oh, it's The Voice night tonight." The following days would fit this template - "Oh, it's <INSERT TV SHOW HERE> tonight." Everybody would be talking about the latest zombie special effects, or who got humiliated on American Idol, or who got voted out of Survivor, and so I found nothing wrong with it. 

But there was really something wrong with it.

Last year I began the first draft of my upcoming novel, initially titled "What Are Friends For", and was forced to make a choice. Watch TV shows or write your book. The greedy bastard that I was, I said, "Screw it. I'm going to do both." I wanted to embrace the new and didn't want to let go of the old. That decision, or rather that non-decision, would soon be proven foolish. Working on my dreams required more time than I initially thought; I couldn't keep the two. I had to make a choice.

If you were asked to choose between your dream and your not-dream, what would you choose?

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