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5 Timeless Books You Should Read for Your Personal Development

“I love reading.”

That’s one of the biggest lies I ever told in my lifetime, before the last two years happened. I guess it fit into the fact that I was not a sporty guy so I had to assume the opposite stereotype, the nerdy guy who loves to read. But aside from famous novel series such as J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson, a couple of Paulo Coelho’s novels, great classics from Mark Twain and Johanna Spyri, and a few odd selection here and there, I didn’t really love reading.

You wouldn’t find me going into book stores at least once every week to buy at least one book. You wouldn’t see my lips curve into a big smile at the sight of a Kindle sale. You wouldn’t see red lines and highlights on any of my books. You wouldn’t see a “Yeah I read that already” look on my face upon encountering a book mention in another book while reading it. I know I didn’t really love reading then because I love reading now.

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I Started Writing...

I started writing because friends were quick to judge. While explanation and reasoning were still incomplete, they were ready to dismiss.

I started writing because my mind is unexplored land. No mountain and no valley of the Earth look like the plateaus and hills of my world.

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The Zero Mindset

If you told me last year that if I started then I would have a collection after almost a year, I wouldn't believe you. Of course it was common sense. Create now, be consistent, and after some time you would have created more. The math was '4 times 6 equals 24'. If I wrote weekly, after six months I would have 24 articles under my belt. However, fear impaired my vision. The logic was simple but I couldn't grasp it. I was a zero.

I wasn't a graduate of some English major. I never attended a writing seminar. My writing credentials that I wasn't proud of included the high school paper, competing in an inter-school writing competition where I lost, and a fan fiction. I unsuccessfully blogged before but I lost interest and quit. To make everything worse, I was my own enemy. Unjustly comparing myself to other writers (professionals especially), I kept believing I was a zero. 

“If you want to be a writer, write.” This was what most of them said. I scoured the Internet looking for evidence that someone like me could be a writer too. There was an abundance of tips and motivations. It was easy to be inspired but to be truly motivated I had to stop being vexatious to myself. My writing doubts and fears must be put behind me so I could start anew. I reset my journey to zero.

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