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The Before Before The Befores (Mi Madonna, Este Es Mi)

Before I drafted a novel, I wrote an essay.
Before I chose the essay, I picked the short story.
Before I made up the story, I sang poetry.
Before I played with rhyme, I made a fan fiction.
Before I pleased co-fans, I jotted a lyric.
Before penning a lyric, my friend was a notebook.
Before my notebook, I used a sketchpad.
On my sketchpad were my strange and out-of-this-world friends.
Before my sketchpad was my colouring book.
And with my colouring book was a box of crayons.
With the crayons I ruined lines, brown, blue, and red.

Before I read Kawasaki, I read Jeff Gerke.
Before I met Gerke, I read Harry.
No, not Mr. Potter. That was earlier.
I meant Wizard Dresden by Jim Butcher.
With Alan Axelrod, I was excited.
And with Twain, I was delighted.
I joined Percy recover the lightning.
This was after Hogwarts by Ms. Rowling.
I was a mutant many years ago.
Then I went to Riverdale because I wanted snow.
Near my pillow, slept the Alps' young Heidi.
In my book shelf, classics retold by Disney.

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