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Sunny Tunes (Life Reminders From Take That's III)

Take That's album  III

Take That's album III

Upbeat, optimistic, and sunny. These are just a few words to describe Take That's recent offering III, aptly titled after Robbie Williams and Jason Orange decided not to participate in the band's recent musical venture.

While their last album as a five-piece Progress and its accompanying EP Progressed went electric, techno, and fast, III sounds down-to-earth, organic, and calm. But no matter the chosen genre or mood, Take That's songs are brilliantly written with big choruses and clever lyrics. Listening to III feels more than just a sonic experience. The songs have quips, reminders, or winks about the good things in life that we sometimes neglect because of the busy pace our world has been attuned to. Scroll down. Read. Watch or listen.


These Days

Take That reminds us that the past is past, it should not define our current dreams and hopes.

And I can find a faith in days I've wasted, been around enough to feel alive.
When you dream of a dream and you live in the world, every hope is a hope.



Let In The Sun

Reminder: To have good things in our lives, we must allow it and be willing to accept the good things because let's face it - some of us repel the good things life has to offer because of our attitude.

You've found yourself alone in a room, total devastation.
In the darkness you must enter the code and crack the combination all on your own.
Pick yourself up and search for the light, hungry for a new start.
It's your chance now to stand up and fight, take the next step now a day at a time.


Open up, open up. Everybody's waiting. 
From high above feel the love. Open up your windows.
Let in the sun. Let in the sun. Let in the sun. Just let in the sun.


If You Want It

Reminder: Don't just dream and wish. Act. You will not get what you want by remaining idle.

You said it. I thought it and felt it. We meant it.
But it's never going to happen if we're waiting for it.
The cracks, imperfection, in hindsight, our vision.
But it's never going to happen if we're waiting for it.



Reminder: Don't just merely exist. Live the life you truly want. Make sure you really mean it when you say 'you love life'. Yeah, I have been using this as a hashtag on Instagram for the past few weeks.

If I die now before I wake up, ask myself, "Did I give enough love?"
Looking in when you're on the outside, ask yourself, "Do you really love life?"



Reminder: Time is infinite. But OUR time here on Earth is not.

Time is running. This is a reminder. Life, slow down.
You've gone too fast and words begin to mean a little less.
Bones stay strong 'cause the road ahead is long.
And every voice will miss us when we're gone.


Higher Than Higher

Reminder: Most of us have repressed our true selves because we conformed to society. But maybe, you can find someone in your life to remind you of your true self. Maybe that someone is you!

I was fearless but so easily I let life fade away the colour of my dreams.
Now you're with me, I know I can be higher, higher than higher.


I Like It

Reminder: We don't have to know the what and the why sometimes. It pays to listen to our gut instincts too.

I don't know what people see but I like it. I like it.
I don't know why people give but I'll take it. I'll take it.
There's a voice in my ear. The intention is clear.
Out of time, out of space. It's a feeling, a meaning that I can taste.



Give You My Love

Reminder: Loving is intentional. Loving is active. Loving requires willingness.

I see light just around the corner. Make sense of it all when we're together.
I see you surrender. Put your hands up. You'll be safe with me.
I'm going to give you my love. Know that my affection comes with my protection.
We're gonna make it to the end even longer if we try.



Reminder: Live in the moment. Be present. Live mindfully.

We can stay here if you hold still. We can stay here for life if you say you will.
We'll be caught in a moment of time if we all freeze.


Into The Wild

Reminder: Step outside your comfort zone.

It's almost like we go dance with desire. Then we go playing with fire. Then we go into the wild again.



Reminder: Being open about our vulnerability can help us with our relationship with others.

I have so many, so many flaws. If you take me, if you take me, they're yours.
And if you see tomorrow, I'll give you it all. 


Get Ready For It

Reminder: Be adventurous! Be courageous! Don't let your own fears prevent you from living a wonderful life.

You said whatever you put out there, whatever you put out there is gonna come back.
You said whenever you are ready, whenever you are ready just let it all out.
And I know 'cause the enemy inside me, 'cause the enemy inside me is holding me back.
But we know there's something in the silence. There's something in the silence.



Reminder: This one is simple. Have faith.

I can run if you are calling. I can fly if you are falling. I can break through every wall they build for me.
I can see the sun is rising. I can see your eyes are smiling. I will hold onto the things that I believe.



Reminder: Don't forget to love yourself before you love someone else. 

All I know is nobody knows it feels so amazing and nobody else got my story to tell.
My head's in the clouds I'm no longer chasing and nobody knows that it feels so amazing.


Do It All For Love

Reminder: As a continuation from the previous song, after you have loved yourself you're ready to love someone else.

Give me your hurt if you need someone to blame.
Give me your call if you need someone to save.
I'll take the salt and all the weight of your tears.
All of your fears I'm gonna take it away.