Xeno Hemlock


Going Back to the Sometimes-Elusive Poetry (Urban War)

A few months ago, I decided to only post creative stuff on this website. Then a couple of months later, thinking it was a mistake, I decided to do the opposite - only post non-creative articles here.  But then a couple of months later, a good man reminded me to embrace my uniqueness, as we all should.

I love creative writing but in the process of discovering non-creative writing I foolishly thought I could only pick one. Sometimes we look at the world around us and subconsciously tell ourselves to do what they do, speak how they speak, act how they act, and live how they live. During that process of observing and internalising, we may unknowingly abandon our own image in exchange of images of other people. But after going back and forth with the direction of this website I still say, "You do you. You can learn from other people but never lose yourself in doing so. You need to grow but you need to keep and protect your essence too. You do it because it feels good and because it is the right thing to do."

Comfortable once more with the idea that I could embrace non-creative writing without giving up  creative writing, I resumed mentally singing words in my mind. Why shouldn't I? It felt good and it was the right thing to do.

Today, on the way to work I had a flash of inspiration. Inside a people-packed, humid, public transport, I pulled out my phone and immediately keyed on the Notes app the words that were streaming inside my head. Sometimes poetry can be elusive. They can come and visit you unannounced. If you're not willing to embrace the moment and get immersed in it, they'll pass by and you will not have anything out of it. Sitting at the back of the van while sweating like a pig, I felt that moment was elusive. I must not let it slip through my fingers like grains of sand. That gift from my Muse must not go to waste. I keyed in...

Today presented two important lessons and reminders to me:

  1. You do you.
  2. Embrace each moment.

Without further ado, here's some elusive poetry for you:

Urban War

Some friends

are only friends

as long as you keep drinking

the same alcohol, eating

the same crap food, gossiping

'bout the same people, & moaning

'bout the same damn shit.

Then you walk away from all of it

because you have decided

to no longer be retarded.

And they go,

"You, I no longer know."

But hey bae!

We have the right to say,

"Screw you.

I don't know you too."