Xeno Hemlock


Perhaps One in a Million (Haiku Series Vol. 1)


here’s a haiku thread
perhaps one in a million
but i say, “why not?”


bring me fortitude
today and all tomorrows
‘cause drugs are finite


face is picturesque
but mind’s a humdrum desert
this date is over


are your nights lonely?
do you worry ‘bout the cold?
get yourself a cat


want some violence?
go to McDonald’s and buy
fries then punch the fries


you get a new cat
to replace the dead one but
it’s just not the same


steady blue awning
protects me from thunderstorms
but not from sorrow


my last piece of food
to whom does it belong now?
the cat or the man?


what’s in the flour?
by midnight I crave for bread
along with butter


drained by emotions
i retreat into silence
i don’t give a fuck


not one of your goals?
ignore, don’t get distracted
time is golden sand


not impossible at all
legacies of work

Xeno Hemlock Haiku Volume 1.png
Xeno Hemlock Haiku Volume 1.png
Xeno Hemlock Haiku Volume 1.png

I decided to make a haiku thread on Twitter. Because why not? It's a nice way of tweeting about random thoughts and feelings while adhering to a few rules and at the same time running amok creatively. Since I do not own the Twitter platform, I thought it best to post them here on my website as well to preserve them forever.