Xeno Hemlock


One Man's Ambrosia is Another Man's Hemlock (Haiku Series Vol. 2)


the insomniac
lives by day and at night then
dies in the morning


the fountain of youth
is right there in your bedroom
portal to dreamland


the blood of peanuts
in your jar of sweet butter
you are a vampire


two listening ears
in this time of great trials
replenishes hope


unwise to assume
there’s soda in the teacup
drum’s my possession


you who can read these
beyond the words presented
are of kindred mind


one man’s ambrosia
is another man’s hemlock
cheese, quiche, and ice cream


zombified zombies
will shove you inside a box
fight and you'll be damned


sandy grains of dreams
not much now 'til they compound
all in a day's work


people nowadays
go make an ass of themselves
just for that fifteen


suburbian dreams
blossomed to reality
never let them go


the survivalist
treats all sunshine and rainstorm
as the same challenge

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