Xeno Hemlock



(A Poem for the Cosmos)

I write a message addressed to the cosmos
And hope the weatherman picks it up.
Not feeling the sunny sky of the town of Vamos,
Other shades of blue are not enough.

If by design you get to read my letter,
Forgive humanity for its unintentional crime.
Heed my request to make me feel better,
Please nuzzle up against me one more time.

Tap your paw from left to right
In a metronomical loop made by an identical tail.
Do not go gentle into that good night,
Into the cosmic future we both shall sail.

Get inside my bag that appears to be empty,
Inside, you scream and scratch my skin.
I trade my blood for your serenity.
Our souls converge, you are my twin.

Let me call your name twice 'cause I'm compulsive
Or obsessive, in the watching eyes of them.
Though I lean more towards being protective,
I'll keep you safe in Bethlehem.

Hop in my bed, proceed to annoy
Me with your innocence, you little beast.
Too much devotion for such a boy,
You deserve an extraterrestrial feast.

The lion eating the sun is a given
And so is Maui snatching somebody else's eyes.
But do not depart yet to rainbow heaven,
Time you spent with me is not yet wise.

Xeno Hemlock Cosmog Nuzzle Poem.png

Too late, you now decompose to dust
And live in a star where you'll spend your prime.
My plea before memory begins to rust:
Please nuzzle up against me one last time.