Xeno Hemlock


Miss You

The day I greet
with a dessert so sweet
my tongue and ice cream meet
but I miss you

The sale is so fly
puts me on a retail high
dropping I ought to try
but I miss you

Jumanji is fun
more animals, less gun
with adrenaline they run
but I miss you

The Chainsmokers are on air
pairs making out everywhere
I act like I don't care
but I miss you

A falling star appears
I hold back my tears
it's been so many years
still I miss you

The pillow's my companion
helpful to my imagination
sweeps my feelings of rejection
still I miss you

The sun's in a good mood
I have no reason to brood
over feelings skewed
but I miss you

The waves look inviting
sand on my feet are scorching
bodies are delighting
my hormones but I miss you

Don's tail is wagging
he hugs me and starts licking
my fingers as they start tickling
his belly but I miss you

My new shirt's print
in the color of peppermint
is reminiscent of Miley's stint
still I miss you

I'm running a bit late
to my rendezvous with a new date
hope favorable is my fate
so I won't miss you

We have Chinese for dinner
I want to believe I have a winner
so again I can be a beginner
then I don't miss you

Under the moonlight we share a kiss
is this
a kiss?
where is
the bliss?
(can't help but reminisce...)
something's amiss
because I miss you.