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"I Killed My Friends and It Thrilled Me" Snippets Part 2


A few days ago, I submitted the cover chapters to my illustrator and it thrilled me. I'm very excited to see the concept art Jun Kim will come up for my upcoming novel. Jun made the wonderful cover for my book Walden and Hyde (which you can download for free).

Anyway, here are the second set of snippets from the novel. These may vary in the final published version.

Perhaps that was our destiny after all: to love while we were innocent, get separated from each other for a long determinate amount of time, and then find our way into each other's arms again to right what wasn't meant to end up wrong while it's not yet too late.

The two cups of coffee turned to two cups of regret when the bus purred to life. What could’ve been two more hours of sleep for me became two hours of watching a bleak moving picture of Cinnabar City through the window. The tall buildings and intimidating architectures appeared short and meek without the golden generosity of the sun. Like its people, Cinnabar looked bland when it’s asleep.

“Women like Ms. Sarah Montgomery will never get along with women like me,” Lorraine took another small sip of wine. Her lips became a brighter red when she lowered her glass. 

Bernard snickered.

“I’m still puzzled though with Ms. Wilma Elizabeth Walden going along with it,” continued Lorraine. “She seems like a nice lady who does not tolerate such pettiness.”

"The dreaded 'F' word." I rolled my eyes. "Whatever. But you see, you get a lot of dates. Men want you. I can't imagine your self-esteem having any problem with that. When was the last time you went on a date?"

"Last Saturday night," replied Madeleine. The teenage girls looked at each other, excitement apparent in their eyes.

"Basic information?"


"The Chinese guy." I cocked my head. The teenage girls snickered.

"He works at our favorite Chinese restaurant but he's not Chinese, okay? I know you don't pay attention to him 'cause you're not attracted to him but he's blonde just like me." Madeleine blushed.

The cab came to a screeching halt. "Get out!" the driver yelled, his voice no longer coming from around me but from where he sat. "Get the fuck out of my cab NOW!"

I grabbed the gift on the seat and kicked the door open. "Go to hell too!" I chucked what remained of my muffin inside the cab before slamming the door closed.

For more information about the book, visit its own page.


I Killed My Friends and It Thrilled Me


Herbert Novelli lives an ordinary life. Breakfast. Work. Lunch. Work. Gym. Dinner. Sleep. Plus the occasional get together with his long-time friends who entered adulthood together with him in Cinnabar City.

An unannounced visit to his apartment one ordinary night brings his ex-girlfriend Gina Watson. After leaving him with a vague letter and a broken heart in their old home town Verona, Gina’s unexpected appearance is the last thing Herbert expects to happen.

Gina hands Herbert an invitation to her wedding with another man as a strange peace offering. Herbert accepts it, a show of his willingness to bury the hatchet.

But Death has a funny way of doing his job in the city. Sometimes he makes a grand fanfare of his arrival. Other times, he comes unannounced with a wedding invitation on hand.