Xeno Hemlock


Good Morning

When you wake up to the sun each morning

He greets you with a smile, calls you 'darling'.

When I wake up I begin my mourning.

Sad. So sad.


When you walk outside the sun with a stride,

They pass you by and you beam with much pride.

When I walk outside the sun I go hide.

Shy. So shy.


Make them laugh, for you it comes so easy.

Effortless even if it's so cheesy.

When is my turn? Oh you are so busy.

Laugh. Oh laugh.


Thinking of you all throughout the day.

For the next meet, I dream things I will say.

Building my courage, I claim come what may.

Hope. Oh hope.


Propped on my pillow, I wish you good night.

Pray that your next day will also be bright.

Close my eyes then I'm overwhelmed with fright.

Mine. Not mine.


When I wake up to the sun each morning

Yearning to see and be with my darling.

Relive the sorrowful tale of mourning.

Sad. I'm sad.

This poem originally appeared on Hemlock Time. It also appeared in the book Xenanimus.

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