Xeno Hemlock


Get Rid of Your TGIF Mentality


The phrase TGIF (Thank God it's Friday) is one of mankind's biggest scams. There I said it. Sorry. Well, not really. #sorrynotsorry

Every time I hear (or see) someone exclaiming TGIF, one question pops in mind - "Are you for real?", which translates to "Did you earn it (the TGIF) or are you just bullshitting?" While it could be a genuine expression of relief (i.e. you had a really productive week and couldn't wait to unwind) or celebration, TGIF could also be a sign of an unfulfilled life disguising itself in a mummy costume made of party banners while bathing in unfrozen frozen Margaritas for perfume. 

Ever since I was a yuppy, the TGIF bug never appealed to me, not because I couldn't then afford buying a bucket of beer (thank you measly salary!) but because it always felt empty. So what if it was Friday? Was I supposed to feel enlightened or feel like I was on top of the world whenever that day arrived? What's so special about Friday over Saturday or Sunday or even Tuesday? Were gold coins and spiritual fire about to shower once Friday dropped? Nothing. No. Nada. Nope. Friday is JUST a DAY like Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. People who treats Friday as the messiah of days are afflicted with what I call the TGIF Mentality. 




Someone who is afflicted with the TGIF Mentality exhibits the following characteristics:

  1. Abhors Monday (because it is often the beginning of the subjectively long work week)
  2. Is bored to death from Monday to Thursday (because they all precede Friday)
  3. Says, thinks, and dreams of the phrase "I hope it's Friday already" from Monday to Thursday
  4. Possesses that special TGIF glow at exactly 12:01 AM every Friday, then glowing brighter until midnight
  5. Explodes with energy and bursts with so much carefree every Friday (may also extend until Saturday and to a lesser degree on Sunday)
  6. Slips into a cascading slump at exactly 12:01 AM every Sunday, with the slump getting worse until Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday or Thursday (whichever is applicable)
  7. Wishes instantly for Friday the second Monday arrives




If you earned your TGIF (e.g., worked a fulfilling job from Monday to Friday, then go ahead and indulge in some R&R, you deserve it) but if you're the bullshitter (living with the TGIF mentality), you need to get rid of it soon. The TGIF mentality is wrong.

First, stop treating Fridays, and to an extent Saturdays and Sundays, as the only days that matter.

If you do the math, that's 3 days out of 7, less than half of a week. @@If you are a serial TGIFer, that means only half of your life matters.@@ You only allocate Fridays to Sundays for fun stuff and Mondays to Thursdays for the mundane ones. There's no written rule that enforces that. If you are working on a dream or on a goal, you have all seven days to pursue that. More frequency and time devoted to them will help you with their attainment. On the other end of the scale, you can also do fun activities any day of the week. In my case, I prefer spending time at the mall for relaxation and recreation from Mondays to Thursdays. There are few people around which helps with my recharging and sets my preferred environment for writing. There's absolutely nothing wrong in living the entire week with the same excitement and jubilance most people reserve only for Fridays to Sundays. There's also nothing wrong with looking at everyday as an opportunity for growth and achievement even if that means "working" on a weekend.

Second, the TGIF mentality decreases happiness.

If you are a serial TGIFer, your mind is polluted every Monday to Thursday with thoughts like these: "I hate <INSERT DAY HERE>", "Today sucks!", and "It's another uneventful day." Entertaining these bandits tricks your mind into being happy. Why? Because you HATE an UNEVENTFUL DAY like <INSERT DAY HERE> for the reason that it SUCKS! Look at the capitalised words. You're feeding your mind with negativity. Studies have shown that being in a positive attitude and mentality results in a longer and more fulfilling life. Extend your life by practicing that positivity not only from Fridays to Sundays but every day of the week too.

Third, why only be thankful for Friday?

Why can't you be thankful for Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday too?




What if one Friday you wake up and the world tells you "TGIF is a trick you muthafuckin' suckah! I designed it so that establishments will be guaranteed you'll spend money on them every week. I designed it so that you'll be miserable half of the time. I designed it to lure you away from doing things you ought to be doing because you have to spend your weekends at a bar, in the movie house, and some other place built for entertainment."?

What must you do? It's time you redesign TGIF to become "Thank Guava I'm Fantastic!". How do you get rid of the TGIF mentality?

First, find your life's purpose.

Studies have shown that people who know their purpose in life live longer. They also act with more intent in choosing activities they'll engage with, often inclined with their goals. They also have more to look forward in life. Each day of the week is an opportunity to chase their goals and fulfil their purpose. Thus, everyday truly matters.

Second, get rid of your victim mentality.

Serial TGIFers often live with the mindset that "things happen to them" like the arrival of Monday which they have no control of. Since they cannot change time and date, Monday "happens". If they turn "things happen to them" to "them making things happen", they'll be in charge of their thinking and attitude. Instead of an uneventful day like Monday happening, it will instead become a new day of opportunity, prompting them into being more active and picking meaningful activities. Gone will be the fear of Mondays to be replaced by excitement and zest to do something worthwhile with the gift of another day.

Third, don't mind what other people think about you.

Serial TGIFers fear that if they don't go to a bar or hang out on a Friday other people will criticise them. In today's social media age, "celebrating" TGIF has become a subtle obligation. If you don't have a TGIF post on Facebook or Instagram of you in a mall, party, or club drinking, dancing, or having "the time of your life", then your existence sucks. Stop caring what other people think of you and live the kind of life you truly want. Never mind the cockblocks!

Finally, love your work.

It's easier said than done but most TGIFers do not love their work. They dread Mondays to Thursdays because they do not love their work. Come Friday, they can feel inevitable work week's end and that feeling of dread is minimised. Hence, they feel some passionate attachment to days they get to "not work". Here's a truth. Our work will take up a big part of our life. If you love your work or chooses one that you love, you will stop longing for Fridays. Everyday you show up at work, you will not feel disconnected anymore. You're doing something you love that it doesn't feel like labor, it doesn't feel like work at all. 


Get rid of your TGIF mentality. Stop living for the weekend. Mondays to Thursdays weren't made to be squandered. Live the entire week instead. Own your entire life. Go for it guava! 


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