Xeno Hemlock


Explode + 3 Random Things About Writing

Three random things about writing:

  1. Notebooks delight me. I received a gift of it yesterday and was happy with the sight of it despite already owning a few. Maybe the sentiment is similar to preferring a physical book over a digital one.
  2. Computers, tablets, and smartphones have overtaken my writing world but I will always have space for writing by hand, even if only for short pieces. Nothing can ever replace the experience of pouring words onto paper, the hand feels every stroke of each letter and the weight and texture of the pen. 
  3. The words of a poem pack more than they appear at first. They must be chosen carefully, not overdoing it and not underselling the message either. I wanted to use "explode" in the poem down below but felt that "fracture" was the better choice in this context. Too bad, no bang bang boom then. But I didn't let it go to waste and named the poem after that dropped word instead. Explode! 
Xeno Hemlock Poetry Explode.png
Xeno Hemlock Poem Explode.JPG

For every flower that wilts, another one blooms.
For every fighter who doubts, another one presumes.
For every song that ends, another one starts.
For every robin that steals, another one comparts.
For every hope that fractures, another one mends.
For every friendship that plummets, another one ascends.