Xeno Hemlock


Does High School Friendship Last Forever?

They said your friends in high school last forever, not in my case. I did have friends back during those horrible school years of my life who are now out from my life. But I still am friends with people I knew since high school even if our history wasn't exactly forged during our school years. Yesterday during the 1st birthday party of my godson Cloud, those friends and I got to be together again amidst our busy lives.

There was Jess who went to the same Computer class with me. We also competed together in a couple of dance competitions in school. Out of our group, he and I spent the most time together.

Then there was Allena, the mother of my godson. We're not as close as I was with Jess during high school. We often got into arguments but between us lie an unspoken mutual respect plus a friendly competition since we both were honor students.

Finally, there's Kristina who I had the least interaction with when we were both students. We belonged in different cliques and had different interests. We didn't really gel. One time I pulled a chair from under her when she was about to sit on it. She cried in embarrassment after a few of the boys witnessed her ungraceful fall to the ground. What the hell was I thinking pulling (pun intended) a prank like that? I don't know. Teenage stupidity, I suppose.

It's funny how things happen. Since we became friends, like really friends, three years ago after an unexpected online reacquainting, I had gone back and forth in keeping the post-high-school friendship alive. A part of me was cynical because I was at the early stage of my writing career. I was still trying to understand the fiery passion that sears my soul. Anyone who was on a different path than I was threatened me.

However, I chose to stay and learned to accept our differences and commonalities. I don't have much memories of us from high school but it doesn't matter. The present is where it's at.

There are two important lessons for me here:

  1. People can change. That includes you, me, and others. Whether we want to get to know again people we used to know is our choice. In my case, it paid off. If I let my bias against my friends rule me, I wouldn't have them in my life now.
  2. Life sometimes has a funny way of weaving our relationship with others. You pull a chair from under a girl in front of her classmates. A decade later, you're good friends.