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10 Random Life Lessons (From Death to Reason to Family)

Call it getting old or whatever you want but the more I find contentment in my real life the less I have the energy to share it. I’m not saying sharing your life on social media for public consumption is wrong. However, some appear to overdo it complete with powerful captions and hashtags of jubilance, which sometimes prompts you to think, “Is all this an attempt to feign a ‘happy life’?” Last year, I had lots of good and happy events, I missed sharing online because I was too busy enjoying them so much. We don’t need the likes and favourites of online strangers to validate that we are living a good and happy life.

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Destiny is Made Known Silently

If I have to describe the last 365 days of my life, I'd call it BORING. 

Sure, I self-published Walden and Hyde (and Other Short Stories) last February, a milestone. Yes, I went to Hong Kong for the third time last October (but I want to go back to Disneyland for the 4th time). Finally, for the first time in my life I looked forward to my birthday. These three events would've been enough to not call my previous year boring. But at the end of the year, the sum of the parts still constituted to a boring whole. 

Let me breakdown my boring 2016 quick:

  1. After Walden and Hyde, I made lots of revisions to I Killed My Friends and It Thrilled Me.
  2. I spearheaded a social media campaign for the local branch of a political-economic union.
  3. I started my career in graphic designing.
  4. My blogging became less frequent towards the end of the year.
  5. I eventually sacrificed going to the gym during the last quarter. 

Work and "failures" were boring. Thus, my 2016 was boring.

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8 Ways You Misuse Twitter

Twitter is an influential and relevant social network. It brings news right to your fingertips. It helps you meet people with the same interests from different corners of the globe. Best of all, it delivers real-time updates from your friends, celebrity crushes, and other public figures you follow. Despite all of these, there are still people who do not recognise the power Twitter possesses. I have personally seen friends with Twitter accounts not take advantage of its benefits. Are you one of these people? How can you tell?

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