Xeno Hemlock


A Little Teaser of The Road Arc (Death's Last Days with the Dying Season 3)

Prudence is out (or maybe not?) in the upcoming third season/arc of my online drabble series Death's Last Days With the Dying! Here's a blurb for “The Road Arc”. The 50-memory third season will arrive on May 2019.

After being in a slumber for 365 days, our Death wakes up in a foreign place. With no recollection of memories (including his last fight with his fellow Reapers), acquaintances, and even his name, Death must fit in an unfamiliar society while trying to fill in the gaps of his own existence. An accidental discovery of a strange road puts Death at odds with his new tribe’s leader. But every discovery has a purpose, every road leads to somewhere—Death decides he will get to the end of the road or at least die trying.
Road Arc Blurb.png