Xeno Hemlock


6 Reasons Why You Should Admit Your Mistakes

Today's post is quite short but sweet.

Now that we're living in a world where our lives have become more public, what used to be difficult has become MORE difficult - admitting our mistakes. Whereas before we didn't like the prospect of hurting our pride and bruising our ego that came with admitting our mistakes, now the fear of ridicule from others added on top of that. Really? Why? I

just made a mistake of pressing the Return key earlier than I should have which led us to this second paragraph (another mistake because this is the third paragraph). 

I could think of a few mistakes I made in the past few days:

  • forgetting my password which locked me out from my account in one of our servers in the office
  • eating a Choco Berry Celebration parfait when I knew my tummy didn't like dairy (don't ask what happened a few minutes later)
  • mismanaging my time which lead to me skipping one night of writing because I became so tired I was so depleted of energy

We can say that those above were just minor mistakes. But in life, we can make bigger ones. Here are three of mine:

  • mistreating that potential romantic interest and now we're two worlds apart
  • failing to stand up for myself which allowed malicious people to take advantage of me
  • allowing the voices of other people to choose my path and dictate my life (which brings us here today)

Those three bigger mistakes cost me. A lot. Until I took responsibility for my actions and admit that I made those mistakes (and not someone else), I kept going round in circles not knowing what to do and not figuring out why. When we don't admit our mistakes, we become blind to our flaws and shortcomings. We fail to see the forest for the trees. We keep charging stupidly at our perceived enemy because we do not know who the real enemy is - ourselves

Here are six reasons we should admit our mistakes:


Unless a mistake is one that gravely affects other people, there's nothing wrong with making one. To make a mistake is human. To keep making the same mistake is idiotic. To never learn from it is tragic. 

Ever since we started to learn how to walk, we had been making mistakes. When you began to learn how to write, you made a mistake. When you started to learn how to cook, you made a mistake (did you burn that egg?). When you started in your current job, I'm pretty sure you made a mistake. Don't believe the misconception that making a mistake is entirely wrong. That's a mistake! In the next items, you'll find out why.


Refusing to admit a mistake is like wearing shoes that accidentally stepped on poop. Unless you take them off, you're going to keep smelling shit. When you admit your mistake, you're letting go of the negative energy that comes with it. It will stop affecting you mentally and emotionally, and it will lose its power over you. You'll be free to really move on. If you don't, then, well, keep sniffing that smell.


Admitting a mistake is an exercise of humility. Now, I am not advocating that you should keep on committing mistakes because not making them will always be the better choice. But acknowledging that you were responsible for the mistake teaches you to be humble. When you learn humility, you also gain confidence. And a confident person is not afraid to admit whenever he's wrong.


Your perspective on mistakes dictates how you respond to them. If you think mistakes are shameful and disgusting, then you will never learn from them. They will always hold power over you whether you admit it or not. On the other hand, if you look at mistakes under a different light, then you will see that they are learning opportunities. Mistakes are lessons. They teach us what NOT to do next time. They teach us what to avoid doing. They teach us what leads to wrong things. Underneath the ugly wrappings of those mistakes are nuggets of information - knowledge. 


When you are not afraid to admit your mistakes, you will gain the respect of other people. You will also appear humble, confident, and open-minded. That in turn will draw like-minded people to you. On the flip-side of that, your courage to admitting your mistakes will repel people who are afraid to do what you can do. They will get intimidated by your confidence and will be eventually repelled by you. That's a good thing. Remember that misery loves company and the fact that you're reading this tells what company you want to keep.

For a lot of years, I turned a blind eye towards the biggest mistake of my life - allowing the voices of other people to choose my path and dictate my life. Once I began taking responsibility for my actions and my life, and finally admitted it was a mistake that led me to where I am now, I became free from the shackles of other people's control over me and started living the life I wanted.

Admitting mistakes can be tough in the beginning especially if you are not used to it. However, the long-term gains of such act make it worthwhile. Sometimes, a mistake also allows you to make a comeback, to surprise others and show them that mistakes can never permanently define a person. People are allowed to change, learn, and grow after all. What about you? What mistake(s) are you ready to admit?