Xeno Hemlock


5 Important Questions You Should Ask Yourself Right Now

1.) Do your friends share nothing else in common with you except for the fact that you went to the same school or work at the same office or live in the same neighbourhood?

2.) Did you enter into a romantic relationship with your partner because it was better than being alone?

3.) Is your weight getting out of control and the temptation of processed food, smoking, drinking, and the sedentary lifestyle has you mightily wrapped around its finger?

4.) Have you not started building your <insert your dream skill> skill yet because of a myriad of strange excuses?

5.) Is your career unexciting, unfulfilling, and imprisoning you as the days go by?


If you answer 'yes' to any of the above, then you have settled.

You have settled for a circle of people that doesn't add value to your life.

You have settled for intimacy with someone you don't really want to be intimate with.

You have settled for habits and a lifestyle that are destructive to your health, to your life.

You have settled for what you were born with and what was given to you.

You have settled for a career you really do not want.


Are you going to let yourself be surrounded by the wrong crowd?

Are you going to continue living a lie with someone else who doesn't really have your heart?

Are you going to keep on harming your body, your one and only temple while you're still living?

Are you going to deny yourself the possibilities of what you can do and what you can become?

Are you going to continue trudging on a path that deep inside you object being on?

Are you going to keep settling in life?


Your tribe is out there waiting for you.

You can experience real love.

Your body can be in its best shape and health.

You can be your own kind of genius.

You can live the life you want.

You can do, have, and be all of those things above only if you stop settling.

Photography by Leo Hidalgo www.ileohidalgo.com.

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