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3 Lessons The Achievement of a Dream Can Teach You

My favourite expression ran rampant in my head when I looked at the copy of Walden and Hyde on my iPad. "Holy guacamole!" More than 10 years had passed when I first imagined I'd author a fiction book. Many things had happened since then. I pursued a different path, lost a lot of confidence in myself, sank a few times into depression, questioned my existence, rediscovered myself, and, finally, wound up on the path meant for me. I both wanted to cry and leap for joy as I browsed the book from beginning to end. "This is it baby. You have written a fiction book," I muttered to myself.

@@Dreams don't have to remain perpetually as dreams only, you know.@@ Seeing my name on the cover of a book was something I imagined for a long time and even until now, I still can't believe that happened. After putting the book online for public consumption, I took a bit of time to reflect on self-publishing with Walden and Hyde. Am I dreaming? Did I really do it? Can someone wake me up? How did this happen? Silly questions of disbelief, I tell you. But whenever I look at the book on my iPad, the answers become more apparent. I'm not dreaming. I did it. I don't need waking up. It happened because I believed and I worked for it. And the best part of completing the book? It's not the book itself but rather the lessons I've learned after finishing it, lessons that can apply not just in making a book but also in the achievement of dreams.

What are those three lessons? 


1. Positive Energy is a Weapon & You Must Surround Yourself With It.


There's one big reason why you shouldn't easily dismiss the existence of negative energy in your life - it is contagious. If you are surrounded by people whose minds are filled with fears, doubts, skepticism, and gloom, you're in big trouble. 

One of the reasons I didn't pursue my dream of writing for almost a decade was because of fear. I was surrounded by people who were afraid of taking risks, getting uncomfortable, and mustering the courage to go after what they really wanted in life and so I became like them. There was no one around me who set a good example of what it's like to be the master and not the slave of life until I tripped and stumbled down the world of self-development in the form of an existential crisis. That's when I learned that there is another world beyond my old one, where fears and prophecies of doom didn't exist and in their places stood faith and visions of greatness instead.

When I started to get serious with my writing career, I didn't want to deal with the talk of doubts, dangers, and doom of my family, friends, and peers. I already spent a good deal of my life with that. I had enough. I told myself if I wanted to make my dreams come true, I must embrace change. 

The time came to make some tough calls arrived. I stopped spending time with people who did nothing but complain about every little thing. I put a wall between the noise of news and media and myself. I even found myself a favourite place to write that beamed with so much positive energy in the form of one Starbucks café. In fact, that's where I wrote the majority of Walden and Hyde. Then I started spending more time with positive people helping me gain momentum in writing the book.

Shielding yourself from the negative energy of people and things around you is paramount of you want to attain your goals and dreams. Untampered confidence and focus fuelled by positive energy is a weapon. Think of it like a horse that will carry you to the top of the castle. Do you want the stronger stallion to take you there? Then you must harness the power of positive energy.


2. What You Think of Yourself Makes or Breaks You.


As I mentioned above, I had lived with so much fear in life that prevented me from following my own path. Because of fear, my mind was polluted with beliefs that didn't benefit me. I wasn't good in writing. There were other better writers than me. I had no experience. Could you imagine living your whole live with self-doubts like that?

Of course, I couldn't. During the course of working on the book, self-doubts crept in every now and then. What if they don't like it? What if it doesn't turn out well? Who am I to be doing this? My friends and family know me as the IT guy not the writer. To battle those filthy thoughts, I'd slap them silly out of my head and replace them with positive self-affirmations. I'm not the first IT guy who went into the world of writing. If they can do it, I can too! I'm doing this for me. This is my life. This is what I want. I'm not going to die with regrets.

Guess what? All those self-affirmations worked. In the end, I finished what I set out to do. The book was made. Sure, it took a lot of mental energy to shave off the old negative self-talk I held on to but the payoff was worth it. Had I refused to let go of them, I wouldn't have completed the book. But I chose the other option - to believe in myself. What we think of ourselves becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy? @@What do you want to be? A doomed vision or an inspiring destiny?@@


3. It's Your Dream But You Can't Do It Alone.


When you look at the book cover, you only see my name on it. But when I look at it, I see more. The names of my editors, illustrators, photographer, beta readers, and supporters are all there. I can proclaim that I did it alone but that's far from the truth. It was a collaborative work of my fellow creatives and me.

There's also a humbling feeling knowing that I achieved one of my dreams with the help and contributions of other people. I used to think I could do everything and I would do it alone, especially back in my ego-filled days, but the book-making experience taught me that the world is not entirely a bad place. There are so many possibilities out there and many projects that are just waiting to be done. It's okay to work with people. We don't have to do everything by ourselves. We're here to help each other.


It's a beautiful thing when we achieve our dreams and also get something more than we yearned for. Go out there and make your dreams come true! 

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