Xeno Hemlock


I Challenged Myself To a Different View

This is a poem that I wrote initially in 2010 and finished in 2011. I held it dear to myself, refusing to share it to anyone. But that was years ago, it will be a grave shame to keep this 'beauty' away from the world.

I wrote this about someone who dealt upon me great pain four years prior to writing this. But time had been a great healer, and so with it came maturity and the ability to look at the bright side instead of the dark. While the rain poured outside the vehicle during my daily commute to work, I found myself recalling the events related to this someone. Feeling pain was inevitable but healing was a choice, and I made the right choice.

I'm against explaining the meaning behind my poems and short stories but I felt I should give this one a pass. The wonderful thing about art is that it can be interpreted differently. I can be moved to tears by something while someone else gets offended by it. Someone can declare something as the most beautiful piece of art to ever exist on this earth while I just easily dismiss it. So for you readers, whatever you can take from this is your privilege. Thank you for reading.

And for you, Someone, this is my 'thank you' gift for you. Wherever you are, you are beautiful.

Beautiful You

Like fire to a field, like dynamite to the reefs

Like failure to a dream, separation of a team

Like oil to the ocean, disregard to conscience

Like war to a nation and death of a religion


Like sand to a flame, cheating in a game

Like snow to a flower, silence to a howler

Like storm to the homeless, solitude to the childless

Like absence in a wedding, departure from singing


Hate can never make things right

Darkness can never give new life

Regrets will never propel time

Sadness will never make you shine


Grieving is only a matter of time

Sometimes poems they just do not rhyme

Words to begin with are never intact

It's foolish to take each one as if it's fact


Did you know you caused the slow death in me?

But now I can see the road more clearly

I challenged myself to a different view

Now I acknowledge the beautiful you


Like birth to a mother, companion to a loner

Ignorance to knowledge, education to a savage

Cover image: Lost in Field by Rudolf Getel