Xeno Hemlock


I'm in Love With a Schizophrenic Woman

Her name is Sarah. Sometimes it's Allison or Cosima. Earlier it was Beth or Katja (may you both rest in peace). To my horror, it can be Rachel or Helena.

It's easy to forget those women from the BBC series Orphan Black are played by one actress, Tatiana Maslany. Each character differentiates itself from the others not only by the hair, the clothing, or the accent, but by something subtle, something that doesn't immediately catch the conscious eye. I attempted to labor myself into pinpointing out that specific ingredient that makes each character unique. But I surrendered. Why do I have to? Just watch and enjoy the show without concerning myself about how Maslany does it. She's delivering the goods and that's all I need to know.

It's tough not to pick a favorite from the characters Maslany portrays. Despite being clones, each one stands apart from the other. There's enough to like from each clone, like Sarah's street smarts, Allison's motherly protectiveness, Cosima's nerdy looks and brains, Helena's tragic craziness, or even Rachel's bitchiness (yes it's quite likable). There are two types of scenes viewers will always enjoy in Orphan Black. First is when two or more clones interact with each other in one scene. Second is when one clone is impersonation another. Both scenes are golden and will make you marvel more at Tatiana's excellent acting skills.

One of the biggest award snubs was from the last Emmy when Maslany was not nominated. She did win a Critic's Choice Award and she deserves to win more. Can you name an actress that plays seven (as of this date) characters in a single TV show and plays them very well? I can't either, which is why I shall not bore you anymore on praising Maslany's superb portrayal of the clones nor try to dissect every fiber of their personality. I don't watch that much TV but this is one of the few I do. Season 2 of the show had began a couple of weeks ago. I love her/them but I'm willing to share because there's enough to go around. Watch the Season 2 trailer below:

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