Xeno Hemlock



1 yelled at my mother AND 1 take a deep breath.
1 wished misfortune on them AND 1 admire their deserved success.
1 retreated in my shell AND 1 walk head held high.
1 put things off tomorrow AND 1 plan my day ahead.
1 went to work uninspired AND 1 wake up with purpose.
1 looked down on others AND 1 see brother and sister.
1 could not make mistakes AND 1 learn from my failures.
1 bought toys for display AND 1 only live with essentials.
1 did things for others AND 1 can strongly say 'no'.
1 denied flaws and weaknesses AND 1 embrace quirks and imperfection.
1 was my own stranger AND 1 finally recognize my worth.

Cover image: 719 by Aurelian Săndulescu (: