Xeno Hemlock


Change Your Summer Diet to Revamp Your Family’s Healthy Lifestyle Goals

Health-conscious parents know that eating healthy is not just important for the body but also for the mind. However, with the freedom from homework and strict schedules during the summer comes the loss of structure, which makes those months an easy time to give up on your family’s healthy lifestyle. But instead of abandoning your nutritious ways, why not revamp them?

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"The Lion Eating the Sun" Content Reveal

Since we’re one month away from the release of The Lion Eating the Sun, here’s a teaser of the upcoming collection’s contents, a partial list of poem titles anyway. Some you might have read already (e.g., “Mandy”, “Maybe”, “The Purple Lady”, “Too Soon”), some still remain in the vault (e.g., “Nessie”, “The Alchemist”, “Hey Little Johnny”, “The Black Sheep”). “How I Know I Love You” is sacred. I've had it in the vault for a long time and refused to share to the world. This time around, it’s ready. “Nessie” was inspired by a Twitter game. “You Who Don’t Know Him” gave me “Scarlet Forever” feels.

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