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Polamatic - The Digital Polaroid

Type: Photo, Image

If you are like me who has never owned a Polaroid all his life or even got to touch and operate one, then Polamatic can be a sort of "dream come true" app for you.

Polamatic has been around for years and is the official app for Polaroid. It was featured on the app store a few weeks ago with the sale price of $0.99 and a host of upgrades to boot.

There are two big reasons to buy Polamatic: the filters and the borders.

The filters will give your photos that Polaroid-look you so desire. It's unlike Instagram, VSCO Cam, and other photo apps available out there.

In case you get bored with the available filters, you can purchase other filter packs for $0.99 as well. You must probably be a filter junkie if you get tired of the many free filters Polamatic provides.

Or you can adjust the exposure/brightness of your photo to modify your selected filter.

Scanned textures of real Polaroids were used as borders for Polamatic, which adds more to the authentic look of the image. I specially love the borders with the masking tape at the bottom since I haven't been exposed to a masking type for months. What a sad life!

Finally, a Polaroid is not a Polaroid without writing something at the bottom of the picture. It's only right that Polamatic allows you add text on your photo. Choose from a selection of fonts, mostly cursive, adjust the size of your text, and set its alignment.

When you're satisfied with your photo, save it to your Camera Roll or export to your social networks.

You're probably sick of seeing my face by now so make sure to check @polamatic on Instagram to see selected photos from a contest it's running.

Pros: The filters and the borders make your digital photos look like old Polaroids. 

Cons: None

Summary: For a price of $0.99 for the app and packs of filters each, Polamatic should be on your smartphone. It's a great way to add that classic touch to your digital photos.

The final photo

The final photo