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Cameleon - Quick Snap, Quick Filter

Type: Photo, Video

In this age of “busy”, everything goes by so fast. We have lots of TV shows to watch, music to listen to, games to play, food to try at least once, places to travel to, and social network to be a part of. Yet in the middle of being “busy”, we find the time to pose and take a snapshot of whatever we are currently immersed in to share to the world.

That is why the simpler and easier a photo app is, the better it is for us. Cameleon does the trick.

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Imitating the user interface of the iPhone's camera, you're right at home with Cameleon. Record a video, take a standard-sized photo or a square one, or even snap a picture with double-exposure. There's very little learning curve in Cameleon. 

Improving upon the filter feature of the iPhone's camera, Cameleon boasts four sets of filter (Retro, Pop, Monochrome, and Lomo). Turning on the filters divides the live camera screen into four grids, each section a variety of the selected filter, showing a real-time comparison of each. Tap on the grid of your selected filter and take a snap. It's simple!

With less the complications of other photo apps, Cameleon is a handy filter friend to keep in your pocket.

Pros: The similarities with the iPhone camera makes it easy to learn.
Cons: No other editing features come with the app.
Summary: For a quick snap with a quick filter, Cameleon is handy to keep around in your phone so you can get back to being “busy” right away.

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