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Voycee - The Social Network of Now

Type: Social Network, Photos

One of the concerns regarding social media is the accumulation and archiving of past information. That drunk photo you posted on Instagram two months ago? Or those embarrassing photos on Facebook you uploaded when you had terrible judgement? Yes, people (or stalkers) can still view them unless you have deleted them. With Voycee, this is no longer your concern.

A Voycee profile

A Voycee profile

The experience with Voycee is familiar. It is the same with all photo-sharing social networks out there, except for one difference. Yes, ONE difference. Your profile will only save one voycee (text, photo, video, or audio). If you upload another one, the previous will be replaced. Simple, right?

It's a good concept that will push users to get to know the people they're following better. No longer having the luxury of looking into their history, users will have to take note of the names and the avatars of the people in their social network instead of scrolling past through right away. Is this the girl who posted a photo of the Eiffel Tower a couple of days ago? She's the same girl who posted a photo from Rome too, right? She must be a travel junkie!

Give Voycee a try. I'm enjoying it right now. In Voycee, you only have one face - the present.

Pros: Features from other photo-sharing social network are already present. Management of previous posts are no longer required.

Cons: People who like looking back or maintaining collections or albums may not find this appealing.

Summary: Voycee is the social network for people who prefers living in the now. It's an idea worth trying and, who knows, may forge a better connection than other social networks.