Xeno Hemlock

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Folt - Lightweight Game To Keep You Busy

Type: Game, Puzzle

In puzzle game Folt, you navigate through a board by moving from one spot to another, attempting to form a link of three or more same-colored tiles. You free up space when you do so, giving you more room to traverse to.

The game has two modes: normal and endless. In normal made, you go through succeeding levels, each requiring you to survive a set number of moves or collect a set number of diamonds. Along the way, you gain new items that can help you in more difficult levels or you can buy them from Folt's store. In endless mode, the game is on until you run out of space to move to. Wait for a day before you can play again or unlock the true endless mode at their store.

Folt is a fun puzzle game, nothing truly groundbreaking. But it's a nice addition if you like collecting games, puzzles especially. The graphics may look simple but they're good, as well as the animation. It's a “small” game but it works your brain more than you know.

Pros: Folt is a lightweight game with an easy-to-grasp yet challenging concept.

Cons: None.

Summary: If you like puzzles, you should check out Folt. The game gets progressively challenging and may surprise you more than you know.