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Give Me Your Three Cents, Not Your Two Cents

Type: Social Networking

Are you an early bird or a night owl? Do you prefer coffee with cream or with sugar? What is the weirdest letter in the alphabet?

Thee Cents welcomes you.

Thee Cents welcomes you.

All those questions and some more you can ask strangers from around the world with Three Cents.

More casual than SurveyMoney, and lighter than Quora, Three Cents allows you to create a poll and let the rest of the world answer it. It's that simple. Enhance your poll visually by searching images online powered by Bing.

There's no catch in Three Cents. It's just you asking strangers any question, whether it's about their sleeping habit, coffee coupling, or what they believe is the alphabet's ugly stepchild. And hey, in this age of Googling, maybe it's time to ask humans the questions instead.

Pros: Simple. Easy. Fun.

Cons: None.

Summary: Three Cents can be your pastime or your educational tool. Whatever your choice, you should give Three Cents a try.