Xeno Hemlock

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Tunepics - The New Instagram

Type: Photo, Social Network, Music

What if Instagram mated with Soundtracking? What do you get?


Being the lovechild (or the hybrid) of Instagram and Sountracking is not a bad thing. In Tunepics, you upload your photo that's cropped to a 1:1 size, add filters (which are more weather effects) to create the right mood, and attach a song snippet to it by searching songs available on iTunes. Simple, right? Cool? Yes! You share your photo and the music you like at the same time. We birds in one stone.

It's just a matter of time before bored Instagram users will join TunePics. I can see musicians and artists taking advantage of the app to help promote their music. And the filters are nothing resembling the same, tired ones from Instagram.

Pros: Adding song snippets to photos is cool.

Cons: Due  may not excite loyal Instagram users.

Summary: Tunepics' idea of sharing photo and music at the same time is simple but brilliant. It's a breath of fresh air from all the photo sharing apps crowding the sea.