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Letter Glow - Image Editing App For Brands

Type: Image

With the tagline “Tell Your Story - with styling text & artwork over your photos”, Letter Glow, by The Lens Lab Pty Ltd., is just another text on image app at first glance. It is hard to ignore curiosity. Let's see how Letter Glow stands up against other similar apps. 

There are four key things you can do in Letter Glow:

  1. Add text.
  2. Add shapes, symbols, or overlay.
  3. Resize or replace photos.
  4. Use templates.

There are two options when the app launches: take a new photo or load an existing image (which you can crop to a 1:1 size).

The app goes to text-editing mode immediately. Letter Glow comes with a good selection of fonts. For only $.099, you can purchase additional 30 fonts. You can add a few symbols to your text as well.

You can change the color, font size, and the opacity of your text. You can also rotate, move, set at the center, and adjust the letter or line spacing of your text.

Similar to other apps, you can place decorations, lines, phrases, and shapes on your image. But the most interesting thing you can add is your own overlay. Add your own logo, artwork, or photo in JPG and PNG format. This comes in very handy for brands.

Another strong feature of Letter Glow is loading your own fonts through DropBox.

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Easily share your creation via email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, WordPress, or Dropbox with Letter Glow's simplistic sharing screen. It's boasting power comes with the template feature. Save your layout design as a template so you can easily reuse it on other images. 

Pros: The overlay and custom fonts features make Letter Glow a must-have.

Cons: The app does not have filters. You have to use other apps for that. That will not be a problem though.

Summary: Letter Glow is a great text-on-image app that will suit brands very well. They can now overlay their logos and use their fonts on their images without the need of a computer. Telling their stories had just become easier.