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Space Breaker - Your Cosmic Blitz

Types: Puzzle, Social Networking

Pine Entertainment's Space Breaker was made FREE for a short time on the iTunes store over the regular price of $0.99. The player's goal in this board game is to keep making lines of three or more same-colored tiles, increase your score and collect coins in the process. 

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The graphics is pretty. Colorful tiles stand out good against the space background, easy on the eyes. The sound is okay, somehow reminiscent of Bejeweled Blitz, which is very similar with Space Breaker. When the board is running out of empty slots, the audio subtly triggers panic. You might have to mute it if it becomes a distraction to you.

Your score increases whenever you make a match but you will not gain coins unless you line up four same-colored tiles. With a 7 x 7 board, this makes the game quite hard. New tiles appear quite fast. One moment you think you're getting one up over the game but a small window of error can cause your board to fill up quickly. 

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The game gives you goals to complete, rewarding you with coins. You can also purchase items with different purposes to help you for one round at the cost of a number of coins. Occasionally, a rare power-up will be offered to you at a costly price just before you start another round. 

The game also allows you to connect to your Facebook or Twitter account so you can see how you rank against your friends. 

Pros: If you like a simple but challenging game that does not take much of your time, this game may be right for you.

Cons: The level of difficulty can be frustrating. An option to set this will enhance the game.

Summary: Space Breaker is another game similar in vein to other apps out there such as Bejeweled Blitz, Dots, and even Candy Crush. It doesn't add anything new to what those types of games offer, but it's a nice addition to that collection and may satisfy your hunger before the next breakthrough.