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Wist - Helping You Discover Amazing Local Spots

Types: Location, Social Networking, Food & Dining

Wist is a venue-suggesting location-based iOS app by Triptotting. With the tagline 'The easiest way to discover amazing local spots near you right now', it suggests to you a personalized set of places based on your needs. 

To use the app, you are required to log in with your Facebook account (in which I shake my head in disappointment).

Once connected, it retrieves your current locations, and your and your friends' check-in from Facebook. The Facebook log-in now makes sense, but his is something that needs to be expanded in future updates to attract users who do not have Facebook or may want to use alternate options for logging-in.

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The basic options to personalize the suggestions appear. First, the app asks what kind of venue you are looking for. Are you looking for coffee shops? Restaurants? Or bars? There is an optional setting of specifying the kind of setting you want. Are you going alone? On a date? With a group of friends? Or with potential clients?

The UI is simplistic and easy to navigate. A loading animated graphics of a pair of flip-flops tell you Wist is scouting locations for you.

The results are presented in a stack layout panel, showing the names of the venues, a photo to showcase their special or the look of the place, and the distance between the venue and where you are at Tapping and holding a venue and scrolling to the left gives you the chance to bookmark or check in at the place. Scrolling to the right dismisses the venue and will never be shown to you again. Tapping on a venue brings out its own page. It the upper right is a button that allows you to share the venue on social media.

A banner of images rotate on the top of the page, with an overlay of five icons (Business, Date, Friends, Just Me, and Bookmarks. Tapping on any of the icon checks you in the venue and adds it to your profile page. 

There are dollar signs under the name of the place, indicating how costly the menu is. Below it are photos of users that had discovered or visited the place through the app. Tapping on one of the users will bring their profile page listing all the places they've been to. Tapping and holding gives you a chance to directly connect them through the app. Sadly, I got a message “You can ask a question about this place only from your Facebook friends.” Great. This presents a barrier as I have no intention of adding them in Facebook.

There is a rotating banner of reviews below, along with the map of the venue. You can see at the very bottom of the page, “Powered by FourSquare.” 

The app is available for iOS and is free at the App Store.


Pros: Users are not allowed to suggest venues allowing for a good selection instead of numerous suggestions. 

Cons: Facebook-only log-in may shut out other people. Interaction with other app users is limited. Limited selection of venues can be disappointing.

Summary: A simple yet interesting app. It has potential to do more in future releases but in its current state majority of the app's features is something FourSquare can do.