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PosterLabs - A Great Tool You Should Have In Your Pocket

Type: Photo, Image

In case you haven't noticed, I like reviewing photo apps. Perhaps they appeal to me because I used to be a hobbyist photographer and did some graphics design for my websites, so they prod that visual artistic side of me that I had unfortunately pushed to the sideline. 

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In PosterLabs, you create posters using your images and PosterLabs' templates. Upon launching the app, you have two choices: create a new poster or view the Goodies. The Goodies are two collections of templates: classic and stylish.

You can load up to five photos in a poster. The templates that will be shown to you in design mode will depend on the number of images you have selected. You can also apply filters individually for your images.

Once you're satisfied with your poster, save it in your album or export it to social media.

A sample poster:

Pros: PosterLabs is very easy to use. The current collections of templates provide a lot for you to choose from and they're not just templates - they're well-made templates. Though not necessary, the ability to apply filters is a nice touch and just adds another handsome point to this app.

Cons: Nothing. I have nothing bad to say about PosterLabs.

Summary: I have never been impressed by a poster designing app like I have been with PosterLabs. There's a possibility that they may add premium templates but that's okay since the quality of the free ones are already good. I highly recommend you keep PosterLabs in your pocket. You may never know when this awesome app may come in handy.