Walden and Hyde (and Other Short Stories)

"They called her Wilma Walden. I loved and hated her my entire life.

My name? You have to download the book to find out. All the important things about me are in there: the color of the crayon that I ate, the place where I secretly found my parents fucking (yes, you read that right - fucking), the person I referred to as the Bitch, the worst song/composition/whatchamacallit ever in the entire world, like EVER, ugly Grandma Eyeglasses, and the girl whose boobs I envied.

There’s more: the boy who I wanted to be my first boyfriend, the man who became my real first boyfriend, that other man who became my extra boyfriend (he abused and used me like a doll in cheap motels), and the traitor who desired to steal my first boyfriend.

And yes, that’s me on the fucking bloody cover. Don’t I look beautiful? Say yes or you’ll regret it.

Did I mention that they called her Wilma Walden? As for my name, that’s for you to find out."

He made love with her the traditional way. She faked her moans. He fell asleep during their post-coital cuddle, his wild snores filling their room. She made a mental note to fire Henrietta before joining Miguel to sleep.
— Excerpt from "Mrs. Vaughn and the One That Got Away"

Illustrator: Junyoung Kim

Editor: Stacy Jerger

Editor: Rahab Mugwanja

Photographer: Mark Tierro