A Christmas Gift to You This 2016

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

As a thank you for supporting me, I give you a sneak peek of my upcoming novel I Killed My Friends and It Thrilled Me as a Christmas present.

The list below is not a comprehensive list of all the chapters. It only covers half of the book.

I listed my chapters and it thrilled me!

  1. Skinny Love and the Cheesecake
  2. Hide School Reunion
  3. The Other Gina
  4. Secrets in Olympia
  5. Myrna's Garden
  6. Love Conquers All
  7. Unabashed Bromment
  8. Bismuth and Blackout
  9. Estranged and Everlasting
  10. Goodbye, Gina
  11. Popcorn and Laundry Detergent
  12. Jasper, Killian, and Fefe
  13. Confident Children
  14. The Weasel
  15. The "F" Word
  16. Out-of-Place Novellis
  17. Au Revior, Arthur
  18. I Didn't Kill Them
  19. Y?
  20. Sugary Sweet Coffee and Bitter Enemy
  21. Care to Eat Us With Chinese for What's Cooking Today?
  22. Little Green Heaven
  23. Weeraba, Wilma
  24. Breasts, Pubic Hair, Chains, Dog, and the Lack of Underwear
  25. Miko
  26. Nasi Goreng
  27. The Entrance is Also the Exit
  28. Because Pizza
  29. Thief, Tenant, and Tenor
  30. Sayonara, Sarah

Thank you and enjoy the rest of the holidays!